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Since our family has made the commitment to getting our boxes weekly, we couldn’t go back – we love it! Our family orders just like everyone who buys with us. We love getting our fruit and vegetables so fresh, we can taste the difference.

I have found from time to time people ask “what do you do if you don’t know what your getting, how do you plan?” Well, we just have embraced it! I always plan on a Thursday it will be some type of protein with steamed vegetables for dinner, because we are certain to have those things and then just make it up as we go along. I do meal plan in my head, and have an idea for the week. Sometimes it written down and sometimes not. We understand that not everyone can work like that so we have started the weekly update of “whats in the box” to help you get a better idea of what to order.  Sometime things don’t go according to plan but we do our best.

This week our family is purchasing the Organic Fruit & Vegetable Box Large which should include – Apples 1Kg, Bananas 1Kg, Mandarin 500g, Punnet Strawberry, Potatoes 1Kg, Sweet Potato 600g, Broccoli, Local Mushrooms 500g, Carrots 1Kg, Zucchini 500g, Mesculun Lettuce mix 100g, Tomatoes 600g, Pesticide Free Avocado x 2, Cauliflower, Lebanese Cucumbers 400g. We will also top up our order by purchasing more potatoes and oranges individually and Add on Vege requesting baby spinach, pumpkin and cabbage.

Ill show you below how we plan to use it all.  For those that don’t know our family is made up of 2 adults and 2 small children (3,6). I try to encourage us to eat lots of vegetables and I put them in everything.

In our household, the girls typically have a lunchbox with lots of options, it’s more like a snacking style box. Cut up fruit, cheese and crackers, vegetable such as carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and avocado, chicken or ham wrap, quinoa/rice cakes with nutbutter baked treats which I make each week – I think this week it will be a chocolate zucchini cake. I also have a freezer stash of prepared meals. I usually do a big batch cook up in school holidays of family favourite meals and add them to our freezer for nights when I don’t want to cook!

We would love to hear your comments about how you utilise your seasonal box, what you cook and how you meal plan.