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1 Dozen Eggs Fortnightly Subscription By Real Food Culture

$6.00 every 2 weeks on Sunday

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First payment: September 22, 2019

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1 Dozen Eggs, Supplied every fortnight.

Our Happy Hens are part of the Real Food Culture Community. They are kept in our backyard and are free ranged in a large enclosure as well as allowed to forage in our orchard several days a week. They are feed a combination of pasture, organic food scraps, natural grains and minerals. We make our own mixes and also soak and ferment some grains to aid in digestibility.

We love for our community to return clean egg cartons to help recycle.

Country of Origin:
Bobs Farm, NSW Australia

  • Subscription customers are given access to our eggs first, but we reserve the right to substitute eggs from other suppliers pasture raised / free range hens. Be rest assured we have ensured the hens are happy and healthy!