Bobs Farm NSW 2316 3339 Nelson Bay Rd

Our organic produce is sourced locally and from the eastern coast of Australia. We work with veg-loving, season-following organic superheroes. Every week we bring the freshest seasonal fruit & veg from their fields to your door. We can only supply whats in season and available. We guarantee its great quality. Eating Seasonally is amazing thing. You will never forget the taste of a new season apple just picked from the tree!


The below is an indication of the box contents and is subject to change based on availability and the number of orders we receive. You can use this information to buy additional items or leave us comments regarding your preferences. We calculate the contents of the box based on weight and the number of pieces may vary based on the size of the produce. We aim to update this information each Friday (mid afternoons) the week before delivery or pickup.

Fruit – Sml Fruit – Med Fruit- Lge
Apple 500g Apple 1Kg Apple 2Kg
Banana 500g Banana 800g Banana 1Kg
Plums Sugar 300g Plums Sugar 300g Plums Sugar 500g
Grapes Red 500g Grapes Red 500g Grapes Red 1Kg
Watermelon 1Kg Watermelon 1.5Kg


Vege – Small Vege – Med Vege – Lge
Potato 600g Potato 1Kg Potato 1Kg
Pumpkin 500g Pumpkin 1Kg Pumpkin 1Kg
Carrot 500g Sweet Potato 500g Sweet Potato 1Kg
Broccoli 350g Carrot 500g Brown Onion 500g
Zucchini 400g Broccoli 350g Carrot 1Kg
Capsicum Red 200g Zucchini 400g Corn 2
Brown Onion 200g Mushroom 150g
Corn 2 Broccoli 500g
Capsicum Red 300g Beans 300g
Beans 300g Zucchini 500g
Capsicum Red 350g


Salad – Sml Salad – Med Salad – Lge
Mesculun Lettuce 80g Mesculun Lettuce 100g Mesculun Lettuce 100g
Baby Spinach 50g Baby Spinach 100g Baby Spinach 100g
Rocket 50g Rocket 50g Rocket 100g
Cucumber 300g Cucumber 400g Cucumber 500g
Mini Roma Tomato 1 punnet Tomato 1Kg Tomato 1Kg
Red Onion 150g Red Onion 300g Red Onion 400g
Capsicum Red 300g Alfalfa sprouts 1 Punnet
Carrot 200g
Capsicum Red 300g


Mixed – Sml Mixed – Med Mixed – Lg
Potato 1Kg Potato 1Kg Potato 1Kg
Pumpkin 1Kg Pumpkin 1Kg Pumpkin 1Kg
Sweet Potato 500g Brown Onion  200g Sweet Potato  600g
Carrot 500g Carrot 500g Brown Onion  400g
Broccoli 400g Corn 2 Carrot  800g
Brown Onion 200g Broccoli  400g Corn 2
Mesculun Lettuce 50g Beans 300g Broccoli 400g
Baby Spinach 50g Baby Spinach 100g Beans 300g
Rocket 50g Mesculun Lettuce 100g Capsicum Red 350g
Tomato 500g Tomato 600g Baby Spinach 100g
Apple 500g Cucumber 300g Mesculun Lettuce 100g
Banana 500g Apple 1Kg Tomato 800g
Peach 500g Banana 800g Cucumber 400g
Plums Sugar 300g Apple 1Kg
Grapes Red 500g Banana 1Kg
Peach 500g
Grapes Red 500g


Stirfry Juice Smoothie
Brown Onion 500g Carrot 1Kg Baby Spinach 200g
Carrot 500g Celery 1 Banana 1Kg
Mushroom 150g Orange 1Kg Blueberries 200g
Beans 300g Apple 1Kg Strawberries 250g
Zuchini 300g Kale 1 Mixed Green Leaves 50g
Brocoli 600g Baby Spinach 100g
Kale 1 Cucumber 500g
Capsicum Red 300g Beetroot 1


Potato 500g
Pumpkin 1Kg
Sweet Potato 500g
Brown Onion 400g
Carrot 500g
Celery 1